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BlogBlimp offers 360-degree, turn-key service and support for nearly any online initiative you can dream up. No matter where you are in your app's development cycle, we've got you covered.

  •  prototyping—ideation, wireframing, MVPs (minimal viable products) for investor demos
  •  validating—market fit surveys, focus groups, social network campaigns, targeted ads and landing pages
  •  forecasting—competitive business intelligence, pricing and revenue modelling
  •  architecting—scrum-driven build outs, scale-ups for primetime web traffic
  •  testing—debugging, unittesting, integration testing, load testing, refactoring legacy code, cruft elimination, code hardening, benchmarking
  •  frontend—analytics, tuning UX with heat maps, card sorting, split-testing, responsive designs optimized for sign-ups and sales conversions
  •  backend—shopping carts and payment gateways, database administration, site-related business logic, third-party API integrations
  •  maintaining / upgrading—site hosting, webmastering, data migrating and warehousing

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